Why you should choose Weather Derivatives
as the source for your weather conditions forecast

  • Objective

First, foremost and always, objective. All weather parameters are taken straight from National Weather Service model output. All subsequent predictions made for you are calculated directly from those weather predictions.

  • Unbiased and unwavering

The computer calculated products of Weather Derivatives never start with the assumption of a market position and never leave the interpolation of wavy lines to varying judgment calls.

  • Numbers

Not subjective rhetoric. You can use those numbers to objectively arrive at the conclusions you need for price discovery.

  • Specific for your industry

Details the parameters you really have to know for price discovery, not leaving you to guess what a forecast means to your objectives.

  • Comparisons

Always gives comparisons to previous forecast made in numerical form so you can objectively determine whether today's forecast is "better" or "worse" for the price discovery posture you have assumed for your business.

  • Tables/Maps

Made in consistent table form, but with several important features mapped every day so you can visualize how today's forecast might affect your market place.

  • Quick start

Thorough, yet concise enough to get you off to a quick start every business morning.

  • Experienced

Backed up 20+ years of weather experience specific to deriving the economic impact of the variations in weather.

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