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David SalmonDavid Salmon is a meteorologist, engaged in creating useful weather information for risk managers in the commodity trading industry, especially for those trading natural gas, crude oil, heating oil, electricity, orange juice, corn, soybeans, oats and wheat. He started in that branch of meteorology back in the late 1970s with a news firm, and has went on to have his own commodity weather consultation business, “Weather Derivatives” –deriving useful information for your business.

Past publications by the author include the lead article in the 1986 Commodity Year
Book. The editor of the Commodity Year book, dubbed the article, the single most useful article he had ever included in the annual publication. David also developed a technique for using weather data to come up with an index to approximate soil conditions for crops all around the world. What was once-a-weekly product, solely of past soil conditions, is now a daily soil product of “Weather Derivatives”, showing current conditions and a one-week forecast that includes conditions for growing crops, and for their planting and harvest. David came to know too, that the new knowledge he had of soil conditions, could also be used to tweak general weather forecast to even greater precision, including severe thunderstorms as they interact with their environment. Needless to say, up-to-date soil conditions are also very useful in determining the vulnerability to flooding.

“David Salmon knows weather. Whenever storms threatened our NWS office in Pleasant Hill could always count on Belton Emergency Management. to be proactive. Our confidence in gaining accurate ground truth was always high under his watch.”

~Mike Hudson, former Warning Coordination Meteorologist,
National Weather Service Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, MO

Concurrent with all of that innovation, David became associated with his community’s “Civil Defense” /storm spotters group as a volunteer. He served as a volunteer for 19 years and eventually as the local director of Emergency Management for an additional 6 years.

“Dave has been my go-to guy for the last six years or so when it comes to weather matters.”

~Stan Swaggart, Emergency Management Director of Cass, County Missouri

Very early on, the National Weather Service’s role in training spotters consisted only of a few basic movie films and away you go. David took those films to a number of public safety spotter groups surrounding his community, and also then explained a little more, and provided some meteorological background too. One measure of success; false alarms for some weather features went way down around the area.

“Dave is an expert spotter with many years of keeping a large urban area safe from killer storms. He is one guy I would go out with into the plains of Kansas and know he will keep me safe.”

~ Bill Winkert, former NWS Employee, past Director of Emergency Management for Peculiar, Missouri, current weather instructor for the Federal Aviation Administration.

During the years as local director, David also participated in regional, state and national emergency management functions and made contributions. Since exiting the Emergency Management business, David has finally been free to do some storm chasing. He freely admits that he is a buck rookie at “chasing”, but hopes to gain more and more experience in the years ahead, perhaps even tomorrow.

“David Salmon's Emergency Preparedness Plan thrust the City of Belton ahead of all other communities around us, in case of a weather emergency.  Very comprehensive.  Very effective.  Very comforting”.

~Bob Gregory, Former Mayor, City of Belton, Missouri.


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