Weather Derivatives Forecasts Contain the Information YOU NEED TO KNOW

  • 7-day precipitation
  • 7-day percent of normal for that period
  • Number of days with measurable precipitation
  • Precipitation as a percent of potential evaporation


  • Average high temperatures during the 7 days
  • Highest high temperatures during the 7 days
  • Average low temperatures during the 7 days
  • Lowest low temperatures during the 7 days


  • Deviation from normal temperatures for the 7 days


  • Growing degree days as a percent of normal for the 7 days


  • All those weather elements INDEXED for an objective determination of whether that spell of weather is good for crops, or


  • In addition; daily precipitation and percent coverage of measurable amounts is shown


  • And, there is a 7-day history of the previous forecast index values shown.


NEED to know more for Agriculture? Let Weather Derivatives model of soil moisture for the present and FORECAST values for an additional 7 days project what is really going on out there in the field.


  • Topsoil moisture (expressed as percentage of field capacity)
  • Subsoil moisture (expressed as percentage of field capacity)


  • Deviation ( inches ) of soil moisture content.


  • Soil temperatures at 4" (mean for the day)


  • And forecast (or pastcast) number of days fieldwork will be/was possible.


  • Weather Derivatives' soil model also can project regional flooding


  • Why guess as the parameters you really need to know, when Weather Derivatives can determine the values by objective calculation.



  • The WD 6- to 10-Day Forecasts give you the parameters you REALLY NEED TO KNOW. Above and below-so what?


  • WD projects and amount of precipitation in addition to how it compares to normal..
  • WD Projects the range of actual temperatures that can be expected (average high and low and extremes of highs and lows).


And, its all delivered to you well before trading starts for the day (not afterwards like NWS). Is it as good as NWS's? Oh Yeah. Some say better.

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